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Our Jewelry

Our exquisite jewelry collection is made by Y. Cohen Jewelry Ltd, a family business founded in Israel in 1987. This includes fine gold jewelry made from 14K and 18K set with diamonds.
To ensure complete control over the making of the jewelry, the whole manufacturing process from the design to the finished product takes place on-site in Y. Cohen Jewelry Ltd's factory.


— Solitaire rings set with diamonds from 0.10 - 2.00 carats, either with an individual solitaire stone or with small diamonds set around it
— Rings set with gemstones
— Pearl rings

— Solitaire earrings
— Diamond earrings
— Pearl earrings
— Gemstone earrings

— Solitaire pendants
— Diamond pendants
— Pearl pendants
— Gemstone pendants
— Judaica pendants
— Crosses


Y. Cohen Jewelry Ltd, a member of both the Israel Export Institute and the Israel Jewelry Manufacturers Association, employs highly skilled staff in the design and manufacture of its first-class jewelry.

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